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Brahma 6 proRes 9K 360 Video Rig


The Brahma6-proRes rig based on the Git2 camera is the next stage in the professional end of the 360 video market. With its classic cube layout and full spherical output at crazy resolutions, this is the choice for professionaly produced 360 videos. With a choice of output at 8k at 24fps, 6k at 30fps you can be sure of giving clients the quality they need.
Whilst you still at the moment need the processing software from this rig will save you a lot of money on the hardware when compared to other rigs in this class.
1. Full 360 spherical output
2. 8k output at 24fps
3. 6k output at 30fps
4. Lightweight construction 650 grams
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Package includes, six Git2 cameras with 16/32gb memory cards depends on availability and costing (our choice), remote control adaptor, Red Rig, camera attachment adaptor, mini stand and carrying bag.

£899.00 plus shipping
We recomend AVP from


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Brahma6-proRes introduction and AVP stitching software tutorial.



 Sample output 


Brahma proRes range introduction


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